Vancouver Escorts Privacy Policyabout cachet ladies

Cachet Ladies vancouver Escorts has a very strict privacy policy in place. We do not retain, share, or sell any of our clients information ever.

Our systems are purged hourly, daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that no customer data ever becomes a liability. Your privacy is our main concern. 

We don't store website data other than through the use of Google Analytics  which does not record enough information to become a concern for privacy. There is no way for us to determine your identity through Google Analytics. 

Our clients can breath easy knowing that we have ensured that no personal data storage also means no security breaches.

If we don't store the data you never have to worry about your information becoming a liability in the first place!

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 Hours of Operation: 1:00 pm – 11:00 am

Type of Service: Dating Service

Alternate Telephone Number : 604.669.5236